We are pleased to announce that AIRMONT will be present at MEBAA Show 2018 Dubai, from 10th to 12st of December 2018.

Combining the power of mobile & satellite telecommunication technologies to render the worldwide connectivity experience seamless and secure, AIRMONT aims to become the reference partner of business aviation users looking for the excellence.

The AIRMONT team will welcome you and present its new products AIRMONT-CAST and AIRMONT-TV. Come to visit us in the both 325 and see why Airmont is changing the way to watch TV and streaming contents onboard.

AIRMONT and ORANGE LAB in the Route du Rhum 2018

Airmont was very proud to participate, with Sébastien DESQUESSES, in the "Route du Rhum" 2018. Onboard the Spirit of Saint-Malo, Airmont in association with Orange Labs, innovates by satellite broadcasting multiple information of sensors on board at a minimal cost. Airmont provided an Iridium Openport satellite communication at 128 kbps.

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Airmont at EBACE 2018

Airmont's the one to watch

First-time exhibitor Airmont is promoting a new solution that enables people travelling on private and governmental aircraft to watch their favourite TV shows from back home, no matter where they are in the world or how low the quality of their bandwidth is. Airmont-TV's bandwidth adjustment technologies enable it to deliver high-quality video streams to viewers onboard aircraft equipped with satellite-based in-flight connectivity systems offering broadband capacities ranging from as little as 380kB/s to as much as 4Mbps. "If an aircraft is equipped with a system like [Inmarsat's] SwiftBroadband, you can use [Air-mont-TV] in constrained-network mode, and the quality at this level is good enough to dis-play," says Airmont executive chairman and founder Jean-Francois Gault. "If there is more bandwidth available, either through HTS [high-throughout satellites] or 4G on the ground, you get close to HD quality." The system features a carry-on set-top box which connects to the local network of the air-craft via an Ethernet port, and provides a video stream via an HDMI connection. "It can be carried by the user and connected to any TV—on the aircraft, in your hotel, on your yacht and in your car, so your own TV programmes fol-low you everywhere you go," says Gault. Airmont-TV entered service in April on an undisclosed head-of-state aircraft. "The ability to watch your national TV on a governmental aircraft is a must," says Gault. "In a world where we see the information flow coming so fast, this is essential for governmental decision-makers.Gault expects to sign up 50 customers by the end of this year. Also by the end of the year, he expects to adapt the solution to enable people to connect it to their smartphones.

Credits to "Flight Evening News", 29 May 2018.