Airmont-Cast is composed of several key features:

The possibility to feed Airmont-cast system with any online content accessible from the user’s personal device.

The ability for the user to select his playlist via the build-in “cast” feature of the user’s smartphone, making it totally intuitive.

A great fluidity in the rendering of media content over the internet satellite link, thanks to Airmont HEVC/H.265 encoder/decoder.

The control of media quality and bandwidth usage thank to Airmont remote control web application.

A straightforward way to deploy the solution on business aircraft or yacht, contained in 2 set-top box connected to local network and HDMI TV port.

Airmont-Cast makes use of native features: No need to install app on the users device.

Patent submitted in 2018.

Airmont-Cast technology is available either as a service with a monthly subscription or can be acquired as a product.


Airmont-Cast is based on the “cast” feature which is now available on any smartphone, tablet and computers.

Airmont-Cast is easy to use by anyone via 2 steps : user connects to the local wifi network and then use the cast feature in a standard manner. It will display on the monitor the following icon:

Airmont-Cast provides users a direct access to their media in the air, at sea, in the hotel or in transport even with limited internet resources.

Easy to connect and easy to control by the end user through the remote control thanks to pre-recorded profiles, Airmont-CAST ensures an optimized deployment for any specific bandwidth-constrained network.


User devices:

  • iPhone,
  • iPad,
  • Android Devices,
  • Windows 10 devices

Validated applications:

  • Video: Youtube
  • Gaming: Twitch
  • VOD: Netflix
  • TV providers OTT applications:  Molotov
  • Audio: Vevo, Qobuz

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