Our Streaming Optimization service allows passengers to enjoy seamless and high-quality video onboard of aircrafts, yachts, and at any place with limited internet connection. With our cutting- edge data compressing solution, the internet connection is tidied up in such an efficient way that not only less bandwidth is enough for the usual quality but more users can use streaming at the same time since the available internet bandwidth is organised.

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This cutting- edge solution offers:

  • Reduced bandwidth usage Improved stream robustness (supporting up to 10% loss)
  • Higher picture resolution
  • Easy-to-use interface Plug & Play installation
  • Casting and live TV features
  • Compatibility with thousands of online streaming platforms and TV apps

Using our service, you can get the most out of your internet access with the world’s most advanced compression technology!


Without Airmont, applications natively use the bandwidth specified by each streaming service provider. Due to satellite latency, video stream will often be on hold and face “buffering” issues. Moreover, the bandwidth is not enough to support many simultaneous streams and the cost of each stream is significant.

With Airmont, each stream bandwidth can be reduced to the specified limit saving 75% of airtime and transported using robust protocols supporting up to 10% packet loss. More users can enjoy a seamless video experience at the same time and it saves some bandwidth for other usages, such as surfing on the internet or using WhatsApp.

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Casting: Watch your own video streaming subscriptions on board!

It is easy to use by anyone via 2 steps: first the user connects to the local Wi-Fi network, then he uses the cast feature in a standard manner. The “casting" icon will be displayed on the screen.

This solution provides users a direct access to their media in air, at sea, in the hotel room or on any means of transport even with limited internet availability.

Easy to connect and easy to control, our service ensures an optimized deployment for any specific bandwidth-constrained network.

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Live TV: Enjoy your favorite programmes without interruption!

Access the linear TV channels optimized by Airmont.

We ensure they are robust and light while maintaining an excellent image resolution.

Users can easily select from the full TV channel list or their list of favorites.

1000 +

online streaming platforms and TV apps


Airmont streaming optimization requires the following: one onboard Airmont gateway + one decoder per one onboard stream + a valid subscription with the required number of streams.

Airmont Gateways

Airmont Gateway is a device on the user side switching video streams, enabling Airmont-cast user logon, displaying cast icon on compatible apps, and transporting users’ cast requests.

Decoders and players

A decoder or player is an electronic or software device that converts digitally encoded video into a format that can be displayed on a screen. Control for profile selection, favourites/channels/sources.

The player on AppleTV can be controlled via the menu accessible through AppleTV remote control.

The player on iPad can be controlled by using the build-in application menu.

The BeamTV decoder can be controlled by using Airmont remote control application, downloadable on Android and iOS.