Any transport modes, any devices

The system is created to suit any transports while still maintaining the same functionality and ergonomy on its preferred device. Adapted to any mobile unit, it is accessible through traditional user’s devices and applications. Regarding aircraft, Airmont solution holds out regional broadband connectivity, without the obligation to install any new (or additional) antenna. 


Airmont invested the engineering know-how of its experts to design a easy-to-deploy system which would any transports adapted to each organization’s needs and concerns.

Scalable and compact, all Airmont's solutions can be directly implemented without changing the initial infrastructure. The systems combine high performance with functional practicality to offer an optimized user experience and an unequalled return of investment.


Excellence is a key part of Airmont’s culture, the system is therefore based on compact and proven technologies to guarantee user safety and ensure an outstanding user experience. Its technology enables an optimization between cost, performances and setup time.


Aimont solutions ensure a real-time always-on connection, through Hybrid Network Routing technology and constraint networks which allow evaluation of the most appropriate path to use.

All our solutions integrate real-time access optimization based on user experience, user rank, accessibility, costs and data bandwidth of available networks.


Response time

Reduced by 15% minimum, with jitter divided by 2.

Rate compare to current installed internet

CIR from 500 Kbps to 3.5 Mbps.

Webpage LoadTime divided by 4.

Commited rate (CIR)

Committed Information Rate for each Airmont user : from 500 Kbps to 3.5 Mbps with the ability to assign priorities between the aircraft, thanks to Airmont real time access optimization, and between the users of a same aircraft, with user rank system.

Time to activate

Time to activate the system (system log-on) after implementation in less than 2 minutes.

Quality of connection

Constant performance and quality of the connection throughout the cabin is performed through reference already deployed equipment for many years. The Wi-Fi distributed onboard is STC approved. The system has been designed to offer a switch from one network to another as seamless as possible.